Armas Kemen

Armas Kemen

In the late twentieth century it was born a legend. His name, KEMEN. Located in the heart of Europe, KEMEN is headquartered in the Basque Country, where the arms manufacturers have enjoyed excellent reputation as a quality craftsmen over the centuries.


KEMEN means "strength" in Basque, the quality that defines us and our customers. Our strength is summarized in have achieved in just over twenty-five years to become a benchmark in the sector. Top competition shooters and hunters worldwide international prestige choose our shotguns for quality, reliability and uniqueness.

In any of these fields, it will be difficult to find a more balanced, efficient, durable, or more beautiful than a KEMEN.


Excellence has always been our maxim. To achieve this we combine a demanding selection of the materials used in the manufacture of our guns with the impeccable work of the technicians of the company. They made guns according to the rules of the strictest artisan tradition and personal specifications of each client. They use the most advanced materials,  finest walnut and latest machinery in each request. Such is the reliability of our products, all KEMENs have up to eight-year warranty on its mechanical procedures.


We invite you to dive into our catalog and yourself to appreciate the qualities of our weapons. If you have any doubts, we are always available to help.