“The exquisite”


The model "Suprema" is considered by experts as one of the top 10 shotguns in the world. The success of the "Suprema" is due, among other factors to the quality of the materials used, artisanal manufacturing and precision in the manufacturing process. The Model "Supreme" has reached far beyond the recognition of those who selected to compete in shooting ranges around the world, not forgetting the select sector hunters elite that has benefited from the income derived from the lightness and resistance of these weapons, regardless of the stress caused by competition series or thousands of shots fired on every hunt.

In addition to the beautiful engravings burin by our craftsmen, who decant by our model "Suprema", you will find the following standard features:

  •     Case completely wrapped as custom skin with initials.
  •     Leathergunslip with initials.
  •     Group extra shot.
  •     10 years mechanical warranty.
  •     List chopped by hand.
  •     Personalized engraving.
  •     All options that incorporate the other models.


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